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  • Fisiocrem Gel Active
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Fisiocrem Gel ACTIVE is the fast and effective massage solution for the preparation of muscles and ligaments to prevent injuries from daily life or physical exercise

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Fisiocrem Gel Active

Fisiocrem Gel Active

Fisiocrem Gel ACTIVE is the fast and effective massage solution for the preparation of muscles and ligaments to prevent injuries from daily life or physical exercise.
Its formula with natural ingredients has no side effects and quickly provides a feeling of pain relief and freshness, while its ingredients act on the focus of pain and inflammation.
Its formula contains natural ingredients such as Arnica, Calendula, Hypericum and Melaleuca, plants traditionally known for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

Fisiocrem Professional

The combination of Fisiocrem Professional has been developed specifically for professionals who use manual therapy. It is formulated with the same active ingredients as Fisiocrem Gel Active, boosted by additional amounts of olive oil and beeswax to create a fluid and lasting massage base.
In addition, its formula with natural ingredients, without artificial preservatives and enriched with olive oil, ensures the care and hydration of the professional's hands.


Massage in the pain area. It has no side effects and no limit on use.
Suitable for pregnant women,


- Reduces inflammation in the application area.
- Reduces muscle pain
- Helps the reabsorption of edema and bruising
- With analgesic effect


- Fisiocrem, it is composed of active extracts of plants such as arnica montana, hypericum perforatum, calendula officinalis or melaleuca alternifolia, concentrates of pure plants that have been grown and harvested especially for Fisiocrem. It is an effective solution for the care of muscles and ligaments after an injury related to daily life or physical activity.
- The arnica has become famous for its role in homeopathic medicine where the dilution of the plant is first used as an oral treatment for shock, trauma and bodily injury. Arnica cigars are extremely useful, when applied topically, in the treatment of soft tissue injuries and to help recovery from concussion.
- St. John's wort has a long history for its use to soothe damaged and irritated nerves commonly found in whiplash, lower back pain, sciatica, sprains and sprains.
- Calendula officinalis, topical anti-inflammatory, helping to disperse swelling, and providing relief to soothe inflamed localized tissues.
- Melaleuca alternifolia, anti-inflammatory which aids in the microbial preservation of pharmaceutical products.
- Among its components, it does not contain the ethylhexylglycerin.

Recommendation of use

- It is recommended to use Physiocrem, for the preparation of muscle and ligaments, blows, bruises, sprains and sprains. Just massage the affected area with Fisiocrem for a few minutes and it will provide a quick calming effect

- With about 1 teaspoon of Fisiocrem, in the affected area performing a light massage to facilitate absorption, as often as necessary, usually 2-3 times a day. The more it is applied or the longer the time the effect is rubbed. Fisiocrem is easy to use and has a pleasant natural fragrance. In addition, Fisiocrem,can be used in combination with other treatment options for muscle preparation, such as ice or hot compresses, or before applying clamping bandages.

- It can be used in children as well, but care should be taken not to leave residue, which may be rubbed on the eyes later as it may cause temporary discomfort.


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