International deliveries

Delivery time The delivery time is 10 working days in the European Union. In all other destinations the delivery time is approximately 10-20 business days in customs.
The delivery time at home will depend on the time taken to pay the taxes (except customs inspections).
Medical Canada will not be responsible for delays that occur due to causes beyond its control or force majeure. Please note before ordering:

1. 1. That some articles by their characteristics, voltage, types of network, etc ... may not be valid in certain countries.
2. 2. When you buy from another country you act as importer of the product and the customs policies vary from one country to another, we advise you to contact the corresponding customs office to inform you about the import restrictions that apply to certain products . Medical Canada is not responsible for your return.

Shipping costs
The shipping costs may vary depending on the country of destination, the transport agency chosen and the weight and volume.
Once the order has been placed you will be made a quote of the referred costs and you will be notified in order to complete the payment of the same.


Shipping costs include shipping, insurance and customs clearance at source. For deliveries in countries outside the European Union, customs duties at destination or other taxes (tariffs) are not included; It will be the recipient who will have to pay in cash in order to receive the merchandise, whether or not the merchandise is delivered to him or her.

Medical Canada will not be responsible for delays in customs clearance or if local authorities decide to confiscate any item contained in a shipment. Depending on the type of item and the destination chosen, there may be limitations or special shipping conditions.